VauPe Ltd was founded in 1991 and from the beginning specialised in the production of files, folders and document storage boxes. In 2007, both the offices and production line have been relocated to a historic, pre-war brickyard, which had been restored and adapted to create perfect conditions for production and enable further development of the company. 

The history of the brickyard

The beginnings of the brickyard can be traced back to 19th century, when it was owned by Albert Medzega, a German citizen (in the photo, to the right). In 1900 a  carpenter’s shop and sawmill were additionally built on the premises. The brickyard was one of the biggest and most technologically advanced companies of his kind in the country. 

The present 

In 2007 the new owner of the brickyard, Wieslaw Pacholski (in the photo below, to the right) set out to restore the building and bring it back to life by creating a state-of-the-art production line for files and binders in it. The high standard of restoration and the materials used was confirmed by the title QUALITY OF THE YEAR in 2009 -2013. 

The Bydgoszcz Phenix

In 2007 VauPe was awarded with The Bydgoszcz Phenix for Best Industrial Property Restoration. The scope of restoration was even greater than advised by building conservation authorities:

  • the flashing was made of pure copper 
  • the façade of the building was restored in 70%
  • the rafter was replaced
  • the tower was repaired – the roof was covered with “beavertail”  tile and a clock was installed
  • the chimney, which had been close to construction disaster, was restored


VauPe Ltd is a leading manufacturer of comprehensive solutions for document storage. For over twenty years, we have been supplying the market with products characterised by versatile  functionality, perfect quality, high durability and innovative design. We specialise in the production of files, containers, document storage boxes and  files for transporting and storing documents. 

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